Are you ready to build your one team?

  • Generate energy & enthusiasm to increase morale
  • Contribute to a more collaborative climate
  • Work harder & smarter as One Team
  • Enhance the sense of pride in collective work and the organization
  • View customers & co-workers in a more positive lightTeam Enhancement

Team Enhancement is a comprehensive, interactive program for adult staff; utilizing sports and business principles to reinforce team building concepts and skills.

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Transform teachers into dynamic classroom Coaches

six powerful, embedded professional development sessions

Teachers Learn How To:

Set High Expectations
Establish Routines & Procedures
Create a Winning Environment

Begin with the End in Mind
Relationship, Rigor, Relevance---The Coach’s Game Plan
Student Led Learning---The Ball is in Their Court

Assess & Adjust: Become a Data Driven Coach---Stats Don’t Lie
Deliver Inspirational Feedback
Design Individual Plays----Differentiate!

Teachers as Reflective Practitioners
Are We Playing Our Best Game? ------Back to Basic Best Practices
Peer Coaching Observation Model

Energize, Engage, Enlist Effort----Coach as Facilitator of Learning
Develop Leaders on the Court

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  • Coach with a winning attitude
  • Use stats and become a more data driven coach
  • Coach with a consistent game plan
  • Coach as a facilitator of learning


Coach Sidney Moncrief shares the keys to Inspirational Leadership through his interactive and effective presentation on Leadership Coaching.

Explore these crucial concepts with your leadership team:

Developing set leadership core values

Understanding the value of positive climate and morale

Executing the four Cs of effective leadership coaching

Learning the 7 traits of a high performing team

Exploring the difference between motivating and inspiring

Enhancing your ability to get “ buy in’” from those you lead

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching Involves:

Leadership Coaching is structured to help managers develop powerful coaching techniques to build effective teams. 

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Great people make great organizations. Great organizations don’t make people great.
— Unknown

•Coaching and leading with passion
•Selling your vision
•Recruiting and hiring the best people
•Improving performance through effective coaching techniques
•Building trust within the team