Early Childhood Development

Develop Me From A to Z

Team Enhancement

Fatherhood Engagement

Develop Me From A to Z resources support early childhood students' social emotional development, cognitive and academic readiness. Its corresponding parent component encourages parental engagement and offers helpful tips on how parents can better support their child.

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Moncrief One Team engages staff in fun and unique interaction emphasizing sustainable principles of building One Team. The goal is for adults to better understand teamwork in a way in which children benefit in the end. In addition, Team Enhancement prepares early childhood staff to more effectively engage with parents. Build your One Team and improve workplace satisfaction and productivity.

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Underlying many of society's challenges today is the lack of engagement by fathers and father figures in children's lives. Moncrief One Team designs and delivers impactful and inspiring workshops as well as comprehensive programs.  We coordinate ongoing sessions and market fatherhood initiative events to promote maximum participation. Coach Moncrief, a father himself who raised four boys, has a targeted message to fathers,  “Step Up Your GAME!” Interactive workshops include hands on engagement tips, financial literacy 101, steps to conflict resolution, and more.

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