Benefits of Develop Me From A - Z

Children learn correct ways to interact with other children and adults

Establish routines and procedures that lead to success in school

Build a healthy foundation while having fun

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Social Development and Academic Expectations

 Manners matter and character counts! Practice and develop social skills and academic behaviors through opportunities to cooperate, problem-solve and make choices. Expose children to correct ways to interact. Establish scholarly behaviors that lead to success in school.

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  • Encourage Others
  • Apologize
  • Complete Your Task
  • Smile and Use Kind Words
  • Say, “Please” “Thank You” & “Excuse Me”
  • Raise Your Hand & Wait Your Turn

Letter Sound Correspondence: Introduce the basic building blocks of literacy learning. These skills are strong predictors of future reading success.

  • Learn Letters-Sound correlations through Rhyme and Alliteration
  • Develop Overall Language, Listening Skills and Proper Speech
  • Expand Vocabulary using pictures, words and songs.

male engagement at its best

Moncrief One Team can assist with:

Facilitation of interactive workshops

Coordination of ongoing  sessions

Development of programs with sports related themes

Coordination of activities with local representatives

Marketing events to promote maximum participation

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